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NOTICE: Power Up Store Password Purchase Program

If you see an "invalid password" problem when making a Power Up Store purchase please do the following procedures: 1) Log out of KOL 2) Clear your cache 3) Recreate a new password for the game/web account 4) Then go ahead and make your Power Up store purchase. This problem lies with the new design of Internet Explorer and is an interim solution. With these actions you will be able to make your purchases. Thank you.


If you purchase anything via eBay or other similar sites, you run the risk of making a highly fraudulent purchase. Again, please be aware that we will not be able to service your account or any problems you have with this. Our policy is that WE WILL NOT service any accounts who openly sell, barter, or trade their account or aspects of their account. Also note that if you purchase an item that is illegal in our system, we will remove it without warning or hesitation and there will be no response from us on this matter. There also could be other legal ramifications for anyone who violates our EULA.

Please read the policies below before making a posting.

  • You cannot delete characters at this point. We will launch this feature in the near future.
  • If you ever shared your account with anyone else or purchased it from anyone else, you will not recieve any assistance related to hacking or losing items on your account.
  • Premium member's postings will be replied to within 24 hours. Do not expect responses right away.
  • Non Premium members' postings will be replied to within 70 hours.

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